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Isaiah's Temple of Mount Hope Spiritual Baptist
Schedule of Services
Sundays: 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Wednesday: 6:00pm - 7:30pm
First Friday Vigil: 12 Midnight - 3:00am
Communion: First Sunday of Every Month

Television Broadcast
Queens Public Television(QPTV)
Channel 35 Saturday 12 Noon
Channel 56 Wednesday 12 Noon
Channel 34 Wednesday 6:00 PM

Brooklyn Community Access Television (BCAT)
First and third Sunday of the month
Channel 35 and 67 -10:30 AM

Soup Kitchen
Tuesdays: Soup Kitchen only 1:00 pm to 4:00pm
Thursdays: Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry 1:00pm to 4:00pm



Archbishop Dr. Voni B. Johyn's Profile

History of Isaiah's Temple of Mt. Hope          

Isaiah's Temple of Mt. Hope Spiritual Baptist Church, Inc. was founded eighteen years ago by Archbishop Dr. Voni B. Johyn. Since its inception this organization has grown from nine founding members to over three hundred members on record and counting. Membership is usually obtained by water baptism, hand of fellowship, and pointing or networking. Because we are a faith based organization, relationships with the community is critical to establishing and maintaining a positive presence in the community. We accomplish this presence through activities and services offered through the church to members within the community.

During these eighteen years we have formed alliance with other neighboring organizations within the East New York and Brownsville communities and extend our services to provide a Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry service. These services extend to the needy, underserved homeless, and displaced individuals. We were also instrumental in offering assistance to our Caribbean brothers and sisters in obtaining permanent residency in the United States through church sponsorship.

In 1999, Isaiah's Temple launched its first outdoor community event "Powerfest" reaching out to ministries from all denominations, and residents of the community. This festival was a huge success; it brought together a number of small and large community churches and residents. "Powerfest" also attracted several members of the political community that included Congressman Ed. Towns, Councilwoman Una Clarke, and Assemblyman Nick Perry and commanded the attention of New York and Nigerian newspapers, radio, and television media.

Isaiah's Temple was also successful in launching Isaiah's Crystal Light House , another well needed community service, focusing its attention on assisting troubled youths and their infants as they transition from foster care to independent living.

Our youth ministry was developed to allow Isaiah's Temple adolescents the opportunity to express their spiritual and social growth through dance and music. This new creative arts addition to the church has extended beyond Isaiah's Temple and has gained recognition through their performances at various functions within and outside of the community. Thus enabling them to develop self esteem, confidence, spiritual development and marked academic improvement. As a result, high morale is maintained with our youths.

An annual celebration held since 1998 is an Awards Dinner giving recognition to outstanding clergy, business, political, and community leaders for their personal contributions and community awareness.

In 2000 Isaiah's Temple of Mt Hope established its Bible Institute, in which, members of the congregation and others graduated with diplomas. We have hosted two ordinations, concreting members of our organization and other to various offices such as Bishops, Reverends, Evangelists, Archdeacons, Deacons and Deaconess. Presently our Sunday worship service can be seen on Queens Public Television and Brooklyn Community Access Television (BCAT).

We thank God for our past achievements and pray that his grace will continue to guide our minds, as we serve the citizens of our communities and mankind on the whole.

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